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BasICColor Display v5 Monitor Calibration and Profiling Software For Windows

Model: 24331
Manufacturer: basICColor

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BasICColor 5 software redefines calibrating and profiling CRTs, LCD, CCFL, LED, Notebooks and Projectors

BasICColor display v5 has been taken to a the next level of quality, speed and ease of use for monitor calibration and profiling. basICColor v5 uses the latest algorithms for best results. The software offers higher speed, a considerably easier to use UI, more features than previous versions.

For beginners the software offers predefined settings for easier handling and faster success in calibrating and profiling the monitor. Expert users have extended options to optimize, edit and tune the calibration and profiling. The quality of the system can be reviewed in basICColor display 5 at any time - visual and numerical validation. With basICColor display 5 you can also measure and assess ambient light and viewing booths (with suited instrument) according ISO 3664 and ISO 12646.


  • Automatic hardware calibration for DDC hardware compatible monitors.
  • Gamma: Standard or Custom tone values and curves including visually linear L calibration, CIECAM02, CIE-LUT, HDTV, NTSC, PAL/SECAM, REC709, true sRGB calibration (web design and video) and DICOM calibration (medical).
  • Predefined calibration settings for ISO 3664, ISO 12646, Office, and ease of use 'Buttons' for PrePress, Photography, Video, Web Design.
  • Configurable button for user settings.
  • Ambient light measurement allows compliance for ISO-3664 and 12646 viewing standards.
  • White Point calibration adjustment (Standard or Custom values) and Profile white point editing with save.
  • Black luminance and Contrast ratio control: Standard or Custom values.
  • Visual and numerical Profile validation with color gamut visualization.
  • Supports ICC v2 or v4 profiles, 16-bit LUT-based or matrix profiles.
  • Supports most standard and popular colorimeter and spectrophotometer devices including the DISCUS, i1 DisplayPro, i1Pro, Spyder3, SQUID3.
  • Supports calibrating and profiling multiple monitors.
  • RemindMe lets you never forget re-calibrating your monitor

System Requirements

  • Windows XP SP2, Windows VISTA (32-Bit. 64-Bit), Windows 7 (32-Bit. 64-Bit) Intel® Pentium 4-Prozessor min.
  • 512MB RAM, min.
  • 100MB HD space available
  • Video Card with at least 1024x768 pixels and 24-bit color depth


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