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Impossible I-1 Instant Camera

Model: 19001
Manufacturer: Impossible

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Eight years after the Impossible Project rescued and refurbished the last original Polaroid factory in Enschede, Holland - saving over 200 million Polaroid instant cameras from becoming useless - comes the highly anticipated launch of the I-1 camera. The I-1, which is the first camera designed, engineered and produced by the team at Impossible, celebrates the brand's mission of re-designing instant photography for a digital generation, preserving the physical memory. 

The Impossible I-1 is unlike any camera you’ve seen before. It’s also the first camera in over a decade that uses the original Polaroid format. It gives instant photographers improved levels of manual control through its Bluetooth app, which also lets you try out creative techniques like light painting and double exposure. It has a ring flash that provides soft, diffused light, and an autofocus system that makes it perfect for portraits. This is an analog camera truly made for the digital age. 

Impossible Project teamed up Teenage Engineering founder Jesper Kouthood to co-design the I-1 paying homage to the iconic silhouette of the Polaroid camera in an updated modern matte black finish. A one-of-a-kind ring flash provides diffused light with soft shadows, allowing for perfect shots and beautifully lit portraits. This unique ring flash is comprised of eight LED’s and functions as a film count indicator - alerting users how many photos are left on their Impossible Project film. In addition to the exclusive ring-flash, the I-1’s magnetic viewfinder is easily collapsible and detachable allowing for future Impossible technological integrations.

The most exciting of features’ is the user ability to connect remotely through an iOS app. By connecting through a smartphone, which links directly to the I-1, users can experiment freely with creative tools such as double exposure, remote triggering, and light painting. The I-1 app allows for complete photographic control of aperture and shutter speed. Once the perfect image is captured, users are then able to upload directly to their social channels. 


  • The only camera for the original Polaroid® format
  • Advanced ring flash and autofocus for great portraits
  • iOS App for creative tools and full manual control
  • Length: 145mm
  • Width: 110mm
  • Height: with VF 108mm  / without VF 99mm (to top of lens barrel) 
  • Weight: 440 grams (without film pack)
  • 6 lenses total, with 5 possible configurations
  • 5 zone autofocus system, using reflective IR ranging
  • Focal length: 82 - 109mm 
  • Field of view: 41 degrees vertical, 40 degrees horizontal 
  • 12 LED advanced ring flash, consisting of:
  • 8 focused LEDs for increased range + 4 diffuse LEDs for softer light at closer distances (portraits).


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