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Instant Film Back for Holga Camera (Uses Polaroid 669/690 & Fuji FP-100C/FP-3000B type films)

Model: 159120
Manufacturer: Holga

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Accommodates Polaroid 669/690 series films as well as Fuji Instant Print Film FP-100C/FP-3000B.

Turn your Holga into the most unique instant camera you've ever seen with the Holgaroid Instant Film Back! It's custom-built to fit all Holga and Woca cameras, installing easily onto each of them within seconds. It comes with a Polaroid/Instant type film back, a mask to hold batteries in place in a Holga 120FN or 120CFN camera, built-in tripod socket a .3x diopter which adjusts the Holga's film plane to accommodate the Polaroid back and plastic viewfinder (included).

Holga camera in photo not included.


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